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T. Che, S. Majumdar, S.A. Zaidi, P. Ondachi, J.D. McCorvy, S. Wang, P.D. Mosier, R. Uprety, E. Vardy, B.E. Krumm, G.W. Han, M.Y. Lee, E. Pardon, J. Steyaert, X.P. Huang, R.T. Strachan, A.R. Tribo, G.W. Pasternak, F.I. Carroll, R.C. Stevens, V. Cherezov, V. Katritch, D. Wacker, B.L. Roth “Structure of the nanobody-stabilizied active state of the kappa opioid receptor” Cell 172, 55-67 (2018). PMC5802374.

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