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S. Yang, Y. Wu, T.H. Xu, P.W. de Waal, Y. He, M. Pu, Y. Chen, Z.J. DeBruine, B. Zhang, S.A. Zaidi, P. Popov, Y. Guo, G.W. Han, Y. Lu, K. Suino-Powell, S. Dong, K.G. Harikumar, L.J. Miller, V. Katritch, H.E. Xue, W. Shui, R.C. Stevens, K. Melcher, S. Zhao, F. Xu “Crystal structre of the Frizzled 4 receptor in a ligand-free state” Nature 560, 666-670 (2018). doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0447-x.

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