Our mission is to create innovative, life-changing medicines for patients.

Leveraging the latest breakthroughs in advanced computational methods and structure-based drug design, ShouTi’s overarching purpose is clear: to make better medicines accessible to all.

Replacing biologics and peptides with superior small molecule drugs.

Our validated structure-based drug discovery platform with unmatched drug target visualization, structural insights and data-driven generative chemistry uniquely identifies best-in-class novel small molecules to replace biologic and peptide therapies.

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The ShouTi Solution.

Drug Discovery Expertise

25 years of structure-based drug discovery and GPCR experience combined with cutting edge discovery technologies

Breakthrough Visualization

Direct visualization of binding interactions and molecular motion to guide design of best-in-class medicines

Data-Driven Computation

Deploying state-of-the-art computational methods optimized for GPCR drug targets

ShouTi’s Integrated Discovery Engine.
Fueling ShouTi’s Pipeline
Advancing New Partnerships

Advancing treatments for areas of significant, global unmet need.

Chronic diseases are rapidly increasing worldwide, escalating the demand for life-changing medicines. Chronic diseases represent 73% of all deaths worldwide and 60% of the global burden of disease.

Disease Areas

Cardiovascular / Pulmonary

Approximately 365 million people have cardiovascular disease

365 M

#1 cause of death globally
$1 trillion worldwide healthcare costs

Heart failure
Pulmonary fibrosis
Pulmonary hypertension


Approximately 463 million people have Type 2 Diabetes

463 M

48% increase by 2045
12% of worldwide healthcare costs


Pipeline Overview.

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Meet Our Team.

We are leaders in next-generation, computational structure-based drug discovery, working to design and develop best-in-class, orally available medicines that overcome current limitations of biologics and peptide medicines.

Meet Our Team

Careers at ShouTi.

We are an experienced, innovative, global team on a bold mission to improve health by creating and developing life-changing medicines for people around the world.

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